Oct 7, 2015

Architecture Over Hacking

Okay, okay! I was saying it to myself and anybody else for many many times: Bros over.. err. Architecture over Hacking and rushed coding!
Don't code when you are tired or worse, exhausted. Don't code if you don't imagine final result in your mind! Spend as much time as you need for figuring out the architecture then you may code for few minutes (yes, it happens sometimes).

It doesn't mean you always get unworking code, sure not, but.. well.
For example, I have 'map validation routines'. This code is stable, relatively fast, but I sweat every single time I have to look into it. Better keep it untouched, 'Legacy Code' as it is. Except, it is Your legacy code. ^_^

The same thing happened.
If you check our Trello board you can find that I am adding Z levels to global map storage, so game can track your travels to slums, generate them and so on.
At first, I thought: 'ah. easy task, do it on fly '.
You think what?
Chicken butt!
Come on, I have been coding it until understood: I am going veeery wrong way.  I made an attempte to hack a way and add a record with a dynamic array to every game location.
Ugh. bad idea! It was hard to work with even during current work! What about halve of a year later? Huh?
Yeah. Take a deep inhale, delete you crappy code and think about Architecture!
Think first, Constantine!

Current task:
Class that will push new levels into self, give them to game and report errors!
Simple and elegant.
Do it!

Oct 1, 2015

Art Report #1 - Scavenger Union

Hey guys!

I've just finished the Scavenger Union design, narrowly evading the Lazy Snail that Konstantin sent for me, so let me share what i've done so far (click on the images to see the bigger version with details).

First of all, welcome to the City:
For the next version we are focusing on only one small district, fully filled with content. But in later versions you'll be able to fully explore the City, the world beyond it and maybe even other surviving Cities.

Here the humans hid during the Catastrophe and survived, sealing themselves from the rest of the world. A lot of time have passed, the resources in the City became extremely sparse and it was decided to finally open the gates and explore the world beyond.

For that purpose, the Scavenger Union was created:
We decided to go with the first option in the bottom row.
Since there was an overpopulation in the City and food supplies were becoming smaller and smaller, the government created a new institution - Scavenger Union, tasked with exploring the world outside, bringing back useful resources, exploring good places for the mushroom farms and slowly filling map of the world.
Once a person decides to join the Union, he is given some small starting items and is sent on a specific mission to the outer world. Because this job is extremely risky (most of the members die horribly on their first mission), but there is a small chance of getting insane rewards and money by finding an Old World Artifact like a functioning machine or even an abandoned Factory, it become very popular among the poorest people of the City, who would otherwise just die of starvation.
The Union uses rank system for their members - the competition between the lower ranks is severe, even to the point where some malicious members can kill their competitors in the Outer World, just so they'll have a higher chance to find the Artifacts and bring them back.
The higher ranks on the contrary, consists of reputable gentlemen who managed to survive a lot of trips Outside and became a veterans. It's very hard to get into their ranks, but once you are in, you'll be given a lot more lucrative jobs and have an access to the Union's Quartermaster who sells unique items for reputation points.

The player begins as a newly joined member of the Union, ready to prove himself to the world and find riches beyond imagination!

Here are some props that i designed for the interior of the Union:

And here is the final design of the 1st floor, where the lowest members of the Union hang out, receive missions from the Manager and discuss their recent adventures while sipping cheap beer (other floors will be available in later versions):
Welcome to the Union! Take a mission, drink some beer for the bravery - and good luck!

Next in the plan is the concepts of the City Street and the Slums (which will be our first dungeon). Hopefully the world that we designed will be interesting to explore and atmospheric enough to be immersed in it :3

Thanks for reading and see you in the next Art Report!


Sep 25, 2015

Weekly report

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have finished save/ load map routines and it took more time than I planed. Doh..
From other hand, it is done, at end of all and future client/server routines will not be so hard to implement, because we will have main architecture done already.
What does it mean to you as a player? Well, you will return to exact level you left instead of new one.

After such an Epic goal I started another epic one, quest mechanism.Quests can break your game with ease, so I spent more time developing architecture then actually coding.
It is obvious idea, well, it would be great if got it couple of years ago. ^_^
Basic quest interface is ready and the next step is creature ranks in groups.
Once it is done you will get this tutorial 'Talk  to Master of Scavengers Guild' quest!

Sep 21, 2015

Quest for...

Vadim and I are preparing a major build of Fallen. It is gonna come at October or November.
Despite I named it as major, we plan to turn off a lot of features game currently has and tweak existing.

Wait.. I think you are want me write what was that? Why we didn't post updates for absurdly long period of time. Even Lazy Snail was summoned!
Okay, it was my fault, Vadim was working hard (but he doesn't post anything here! Maaan, Lazy Snail watches you).
I had three reasons, but the number one is that I bogged myself into client-server stuff.
Oh yes, save/load on HDD and potentially get some data from server.
I already have an experience with that and learned one rule, very obvious, frankly, game itself shouldn't know when data comes from and goes to.
Yes, it was harder then I thought, but I won this battle and happy about that.

Well. Back to our work. Vadim will write about graphical design plans, yes, he promised that, otherwise Lazy Snail would come for him too!
We will turn off, temporary, of course: crafting and global map.
We will add quests, Scavenger guild and 2-3 local map levels to explore!

Sep 15, 2015

Lazy Snail!

This is Lazy Snail!

It came to kick my butt for bad work 
I don't want it to come again!

Jul 11, 2015

weekly report and build

I is interesting. Even if I announced previous week as Gameplay, most of closed tickets were pure technical. - bugfixes, GUI updates and so in.

Our finished list:
1. Four more clothing sprites.
2. Global map is no longer  painful to use. ^_^
3. A portion of nasty bugs were cleared.
4. Config.cfg got more features.
5. Couple of GUI tweaks.
6. Creatures drop specified corpses.

For the next week we start serialization and client/server routines. They are required for  many and maby features (for example quests), but first "feature" would be game saving.

Jul 7, 2015